About IAC 35 Competition Instruction Members
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The Green Mountain Aerobatics Contest is the main event hosted by the New England Aerobatics Club. The 2022 event ran from July 15 through July 17, 2022 at Hartness State Airport (KVSF) in Springfield, VT. This year, 17 pilots each had three flights, all of which were completed by Saturday afternoon in plenty of time for the Contest banquet held that evening at the Inn at Weathersfield.

Click Here for the 2022 GMAC (most recent) Contest Results.

IAC 35 member Greg Dinning has posted a video that features his competition flight at the 2021 GMAC. It begins with a description of the maneuvers as shown on the 2021 "Sportsman Known" sequence card and talks you through the sequence as it is flown. You get a clear view of what it looks like to fly aerobatics, from the cockpit! View it here. The flying portion of the video was recorded from the cockpit of his Christin Eagle biplane during his winning Sportsman Sequence at the 2021 GMAC. It finishes with additional information and photos of IAC35 practice sessions and how to get started in aerobatics.

If you are interested in other contests around the country, Click here for the IAC contest list.

If you've never flown an aerobatic contest before, it's a lot of fun. You'll meet all sorts of pilots with all sorts of backgrounds and experience levels; we have among us distinguished professors, fighter pilots, master showmen, aspiring sportsmen and hard-working volunteers who keep everything running through the weekend.

Each pilot chips in as well, and together we can make it happen like clockwork.

Competitions are organized so that pilots of all levels of experience and ability can have a rewarding challenge, and we are dedicated to helping to grow the sport for the future.

Each contest day begins with the morning briefing (or practice, if it's Thursday or Friday morning), followed by a series of flights ordered by category.

You are welcome to come by and check it out - you can be a part of it in no time. There are all sorts of nice people in attendance that would like to show you around introduce you to the sport.