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Keene Fall Classic 2019

October 5, 2019

his contest is intended to get all of the chapter and our extended family of competitors and friends together to have some end-of-the-season fun.

American Champion Super Decathlon 8KCAB, the reference aircraft for this contest


This is a different sort of contest. Participating in a traditional format (five-category) contest is expensive, and folks have asked the reasonable question as to whether a contest can be put on that requires less time and money, but still provides real competition.

  • It is scheduled for October 5; there is no rain date. The contest will consist of the Primary and Sportsman categories, with each pilot flying the Known sequence once. This is a one day, one flight contest intended to entice anyone out there to fly an actual IAC contest in a compressed format. Pilots of any experience level are welcome but we will implement a handicap system for those who typically fly Intermediate through Unlimited as follows:

  • For Intermediate pilots we want to apply a handicap of 75 penalty points.   The Chief Judge will mark 1 Missed Briefing penalty and 5 Interruption penalties.

    For Advanced pilots we want to apply handicap of 120 penalty points.  The Chief Judge will mark 1 Missed Briefing penalty and 9 Interruption penalties.

    For the Unlimited pilots we want to apply handicap of 150 penalty points.   The Chief Judge will mark 1 Missed Briefing penalty, 1 Boundary penalty, and 9 Interruption penalties.

  • Farrell Woods will be the Contest Director, Wes Liu will be Chief Judge, Terri Nathanson will be Registrar and Beth Joseph will be Scorer.

  • The 2019 Keene Fall Classic Aerobatic Contest is listed on the IAC Regional Contest web site.

  • Contest registration and Tech Inspection begins at 9:00AM

  • The mandatory pilot briefing will be at 10:00 AM with the contest beginning ASAP thereafter.

  • Registration Fees are $65 for Primary and $75 for Sportsman

  • People are encouraged to preregister to fly Primary or Powered Sportsman. You should be able to preregister for the contest via the following link:

  • https://www.iac.org/contest/2019-10-05-keene-fall-classic

  • Terri Nathanson requests that pilots who can do so, pre-register and send her their registration and tech forms. This helps her to know how many A, B, & C forms to copy.

  • We need to have at least three grading judges. If you are a current judge and are available then please volunteer to serve the line at the contest.

  • Please direct any questions about the contest to Farrell Woods

  • Approximate location of box boundaries at KEEN; click image for a larger view

    Download Google Earth placemarks for the (approximate) box location