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he Green Mountain Aerobatic Contest is the main event hosted by the New England Aerobatic Club, and welcomes contestants from Canada, New England, New York and the Mid Atlantic states. We are actively planning the contest despite current uncertainty about the future effects of the on-going Corona Virus / Covid-19 pandemic. We are presently awaiting the receipt of our contest waiver from FAA and when that is in hand, we will complete other arrangements necessary to hold the contest. The current state of planning is reflected below. Please click here to go to the contest pregistration website.

We have received our Contest Waiver; Click Here to review it now.



Thursday, July 9 (Practice Day Only)

  • 1200 - 1900 Registration; box open for practice. (Since flying cannot start until the box markers are in place, please arrive early and help set up the box)
  • 1900 Airplanes in hangar; adjourn for food
Friday, July 10

We will do our best to accommodate late arrivals. If you can not be present for the Friday mandatory contest kickoff pilot briefing, please send the Contest Director or the Chapter President an e-mail before the contest. Pilots who do not communicate with the contest director prior to the contest and who arrive late as defined in section 4.6.1 of the IAC Contest Rules will be assessed penalties specified in section 4.6.2. A qualifiying flight, without scoring, may be required as specified in 4.6.3.

  • 0800 - 1130 Registration; box open for practice
  • 1200 Mandatory contest kickoff pilots' briefing - all categories; Unknowns distributed
  • 1300 - 1900 Contest flying. Knowns, all categories as time permits
  • 1930 Airplanes in hangar; adjourn for food. Enjoy Springfield's local restaurants

Saturday, July 11

  • 0800 Mandatory daily pilots' briefing - all categories
  • 0930 - 1730 Contest flying, all categories (Unknowns and Frees as time permits)
  • 1900 Banquet, location TBA

Sunday, July 12

  • 0800 Mandatory daily pilots' briefing
  • 0930 - 1400 Contest flying, all categories
  • 1430 Awards ceremony

Contest Sponsor


By air:

Hartness State Airport (KVSF) is on the New York sectional, Lebanon (LEB) VORTAC, 228 degree radial, 24 nm.

The town of Springfield is just west of the Connecticut River, up the Black River. The Springfield Airport is a couple of miles northwest of town. The river goes by the southwest end of runway 05-23. Warning: morning fog is common. If you can not get into Springfield due to fog, Claremont, N.H. is 7 miles east; Newport Parlin is 8 miles further east.

GPS, RNAV, LOC, LOC/DME and NDB approaches. Unicom is 122.8. Call 5 miles out and check whether there is acro going on in the box.

Runways 05-23: 5,498'x100'; 11-29: 3,000'x75'. Field elevation 577' MSL.

Airport information is available online here.

Runway 11-29 will be closed during practice and contest flying except with 15 minutes prior arrangement by telephone or radio. Fly right traffic for runway 23, left traffic for runway 05.  CAUTION: The aerobatic box is southeast of and parallel to runway 5-23 and over the approach end of runway 29.

KVSF overhead

DO NOT OVER FLY THE AIRPORT BELOW 5000 feet! Check with Unicom for a "HOT" acro box as you approach the airport.

By car:

I-91 to exit 7 (U.S. Route 11, Springfield exit).

The Holiday Inn Express is right off the exit.

Travel north and pass through the center of Springfield. Take Route 106 North to the airport.

Drive approximately one mile. A sign for the airport will be on the right hand side.

Contest Supporters

Softie Parachutes



Please pre-register at http://www.iac.org/contests

The contest will fly Primary through Unlimited (power)
Note: The bottom of the box will be 660 AGL for both Advanced and Unlimited competitors.

Fee: Sportsman through Unlimited: $100; Primary: $80



Hartness State Airport (KVSF) will have avgas for our event. Airport information is available online here.

We rent a large hangar from the airport for the contest, Thursday - Sunday. If you want your airplane in the hangar, be sure to sign up when you register. First come, first served, $20 per night. As happens at every contest, we are 99% certain that all of the Pitts fit in, 50% sure that the Extras, Edge's, and Lasers will fit, and we try to fit Decathlons in too. There are usually tie downs available on the ramp, but if in doubt, bring ropes. If this is your first contest, be advised that the IAC contest rules do not allow you to commute home at night in your aerobatic aircraft. Plan on being parked at the contest for the duration.




The official contest hotel will again be the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield. As in past years, a block of rooms has been reserved at a cost of $135 /night.  Make your reservations directly with the Hotel, (802) 885-4516, not through the national reservation number and ask for the "aerobatic contest rate". July is a busy time for the Holiday Inn in Springfield, and it is advised that you book early.

The Hartness House Inn is near downtown Springfield; (802) 885-2115.

For the minimalist traveler there is the Crown Point Camping Area in nearby Perkinsville.

For the luxury traveler, just north of the airport, there is The Inn at Weathersfield, 802-263-9217.  This is a high end Bed and Breakfast located within walking distance (10 minutes) from the airport.  Great restaurant also. Includes a full breakfast.  Ask for Richard and identify yourself as an Aerobatics Contest participant.

Two new additions to our list of lodgings include:

Golden Stage Inn, 399 Depot Street, Proctorsville, VT 05153. This is an historic B&B  built in 1788 and located just off Route 103 on the way to Ludlow from Hartness State Airport. (802) 226-7744.

Airbnb@ Rockledge Farm, 58 Ascutney Basin Road, Reading VT 05062. This is the home of Scott and Kathleen Duffy, located in a tranquil location off VT Route 106, north of the airport approximately 7 miles. They have one room with one bed and private bath. Scott Duffy (802) 484-7240 or Kathleen Duffy (802) 484-0147


Rental cars

A special deal on rental cars has been arranged: Upper Valley Car Rentals (Avis), (603) 298-7753, will deliver and pick up at the airport at no additional charge. Compact Cars are $39.00 per day, Intermediate cars are $40.00 per day and Full-size cars are $42 per day plus tax and fees of about 20%. Please identify yourself as an IAC member attending the aerobatic contest in Springfield, VT. Ask for "JD". If you get transferred to Avis HQ, call back until the Lebanon office answers and if possible, speak directly to JD.


The Banquet will be at the Weathersfield Inn, not far from the airport. Cost: TBA

What to bring

For the pilot: All of the aircraft and pilot docs that you need to bring may be seen in the Competitor Checklist on the IAC web site in the members section.

Please make sure that your airplane has a compass card and an official weight and balance in its docs. These two items have caused pilot distress and frustration at past contests.

Please arrive with a current medical and your IAC membership card. The waiver requires proof of a current BFR. Bring your log book or a copy of your BFR endorsement.

If you fly your own Free Program: 16 copies each of free style forms A, B and C, signed and dated by a current IAC judge; and cash or check. Free Programs - Remember, one copy that you bring will be made available for all of your friends to look at, critique, and borrow. Please double check that your Free Program uses all of the new Aresti catalog numbers and K factors and is signed off by a judge that was current at the time of signing. Photocopies of documents are permissible for IAC contest registration; however, FAA requirements may differ.

Some IAC forms are available on the IAC web site, members section, if you need to check what to bring.

For the aircraft: Airframe and engine logs; airworthiness certificate; registration certificate; operating limitations; current weight and balance data, FAA legal parachute repacked within the last 180 days; proof of insurance ($1 million minimum, see Official IAC Contest Rules.

Please remember that 2-way radio communication is now required by the rules to compete in IAC contests. Bring a handheld for use of the contest officials.



Bill Gordon - Contest Director
wsgordon@earthlink.net cell (802) 585-0366  home (802) 533-7048

Phil Joseph- IAC Chapter 35 President

Springfield VT Hartness State Airport Manager
office: (802) 886-7500