New England Aerobatic Club
(IAC Chapter 35)

New England Aerobatic Club

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New England Aerobatic Club


Updated 7-4-2015

Current Events:

Upcoming Events:

Event Date Sponser
Monthly Meeting and Aerobatic Practice Session, Rochester, NH (KDAW) July 12 IAC 35
Green Mountain Aerobatic Contest, Hartness State Airport, Springfield, VT. (KVSF) July 17-19 IAC 35

About Us:

The New England Aerobatic Club is Chapter 35 of the International Aerobatic Club  .  Although we are centered around the Boston, Massachusetts area we have members all over New England and Eastern New York. Our mission is to foster and focus all aspects of safe aerobatic flying including assistance to newcomers, grass-roots flying and organized competition. We do this through a dedicated group of officers and members who meet monthly to have fun, discuss the world of aerobatics, plan events, publish a newsletter, provide liason with other IAC Chapters, the IAC staff and IAC Board.

Please browse our website! If you would like to learn more about the club than we can present here, please see our Club Contacts Page   or, if you are interested in joining our chapter, please fill out the Sign-up Form   and send it to the address on the form. Chapter dues are $25/year.


Contents of the NEAC Website:
About the NEAC Information about the New England Aerobatic Club. What's New Newsletters and other new information.
Contest Information Information about the local aerobatics contests. Communications Links to facilitate communication between club members.
Other Aerobatics Info Other aerobatics related information (e.g. list of aerobatics schools, links to IAC chapters, aerobatics airplanes aerobatics FAQ, list of aerobatics figures, etc.) NEAC Images On-line images from our chapter members.
Other Aerobatics Links A long list of links to aerobatics related web sites. Other Aviation Info Other aviation related information.



Monthly Club meetings:


Date/Time: Second Saturday of the month 11:30 AM; Place as indicated below.


Club Meeting Dates and Locations
January 10, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
February 14, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
March 14, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
April 11, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
May 9, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
June 13, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
July 11, 2015; 11:30 AM Rochester, NH, KDAW
August 8, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
September 12, 2015; 11:30AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
October 10, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH
November 14, 2015; 11:30 AM Midfield Cafe, KASH

December 12, 2015; 11:30 AM

Midfield Cafe, KASH





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